Revived (2008)


Ishmael felt it was time to bring some of his favourite old rock songs into the 2000s! Using a brilliant young producer, and brilliant young musicians this album was made to rock! This album has Ishmael’s favourite version of his classic, Father God I Wonder. The album title was rather prophetic since this was recorded the month prior to Ish being diagnosed with Leukemia.

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Track List
1) I Will Call Upon The Lord
2) Star On Sunday
3) I Am Just A Charismatic
4) Glub Glub
5) Little Troopers
6) Song Of The Last Generation
7) Little Lamb
8) We Are In God’s Army
9) Crowd Trouble
10 Marksman
11) What A Long Hard Day It’s Been (Angels)
12) Bartimaeus
13) Father God I Wonder
14) Jesus Christ Is Risen Today

Age Appropriate
This album is definitely most suitable for rock loving adults.

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