Jubilate Deo – Be Joyful in the Lord

Hi, on this page I will be sharing, reviewing, and recommending resources for children’s, family, and all-age, church-based work. I love to explore and discover new ideas, and creative ways of supporting this fantastic ministry. It’s such a privilege to serve the church and to help make worship meaningful and fun for children and families. I hope you’ll find my ideas and recommendations helpful. 

I can’t believe half-term is already upon us – where did the last 6 weeks go? I’ve been doing lots of writing, reading and admin and Ish has been very busy song writing. Ish’s choice of scriptures put to music never ceases to bless me and we often find ourselves humming away to his songs in the kitchen when making coffee or meals. Although we laugh sometimes as they can be a bit annoying when a particular tune really sticks in our mind and won’t go away!


On waking up to a dreary grey October morning I was heartened by today’s lectionary reading Psalm 100 otherwise known as the ‘Jubilate Deo’.

1  O be joyful in the Lord, all the earth; 
   serve the Lord with gladness
      and come before his presence with a song.
2  Know that the Lord is God; 
   it is he that has made us and we are his;
      we are his people and the sheep of his pasture.
3  Enter his gates with thanksgiving
      and his courts with praise; 
   give thanks to him and bless his name.
4  For the Lord is gracious; his steadfast love is everlasting, 
   and his faithfulness endures from generation to generation

This 100th psalm in the Hebrew Bible begins by encouraging us to ‘Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands’. It is a prayer of thankfulness and encouragement amongst that block of Psalms 93 – 100 which all speak of God’s kingship. They invite us to praise God and to enjoy all his blessings because He is King over all the earth. Over the years many people have set Psalm 100 to music, including composers Handel, Mozart and more recently Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms. One of the most popular and ancient hymn versions is All People That on Earth Do Dwell by William Kethe sung at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey, London, June 2, 1953.

Psalm 100 also forms an integral part of our liturgy and is incorporated into Anglican Morning Prayer. The Hebrew word for joy is śimḥâ which means to be excited, glad, happy, full of mirth and to make a loud joyful noise to the Lord. Admittedly today as we read the news and social media there is not much going on in the world to be excited about but that shouldn’t stop us from praising God and in fact should encourage us to praise Him all the more and in doing so be uplifted.


I am reminded of one of Ish’s albums we recorded with a group of very happy, joyful, excited children in a recording studio many years ago. The laughter and joy was infectious and we all had such a joyful time singing about God. There’s something about music that can really lift you which is what I am sure those psalmists discovered all those thousands of years ago.


John 10:10, Jesus states ‘I have come that you may have life in all its fullness.’ 

Lord we pray today amidst all the confusion and suffering in our world that you will help us to be reassured that you are truly King over all the earth.

Help us always to be joyful and to thank and praise you.

Thank you for our families who bring us so much joy.

May we have life in all its fullness and enjoy the life you give to each and every one of us.



Surprised by Joy  by C S Lewis – Autobiography how C S Lewis found faith.

God’s Little Book of Joy by Richard Daly – Gift book features inspiring thoughts and quotes, with background illustrations and references to relevant Bible passages for further reading and encouragement.

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The Joy of Intercession by Beni Johnson – As we dive into the Father’s heart we are overwhelmed by His presence, the fullness of joy. From this place we begin to see from His perspective. As we see and understand His world we are compelled to intercede.