A very eventful and exciting couple of days!

Well Ishmael United have finally emerged from spending 2 days in the rehearsal studio. Did we struggle a bit?

Well just a little.

Willsy struggled on keeping up with the rhythms on some of the manic tracks, Dave struggled to get his keyboard working, I struggled trying to play Am and Larry struggled to stay awake…but that is understandable as he is the most senior member of our old boys band!

But…I have to say we were all amazed at how well the songs came together.

Eight tracks are well and truly on their way to sounding great and all eight tracks only last 24 minutes total.

My lips are sealed as to the titles we have chosen..that secret will only be revealed on the big day.

But I think the greatest miracle is that this must be the very first time Ish United have spent 2 days together…and there was not one argument. That must be a first!

We did have lots and lots of laughs though.

We are all so excited about the gig in May. This set is going to rock…and you won’t have heard anything like it since ah…1979 and that is guaranteed!

Interesting couple of days ahead!

Very interesting 2 days coming up.

Today and tomorrow for the first time in 37 years all 4 original members of Ishmael United will be in a rehearsal studio playing music together in preparation for this years Big Church Day Out in May.

It’s very exciting if just a tad daunting! I’ll let you know how it goes!

A couple of Ish news items

Firstly to let you know that I am taking a break away from my office from this Sunday 17th January until Tuesday 26th January. During this time I will not be able to answer your e mails or post off any products from our online shop. You can however still of course put orders in and download products.

Any urgent e mails you want me to see or products you need to receive very quickly, I need to receive those e mails and shop orders today…No rush!

Secondly, believe it or not but I am still adjusting the ‘Sting in the Tale’ evangelistic concert set.

As well as making my life story between songs a lot stronger….. and funnier, I’ve also changed nearly half the songs in the set since the first gig.

Latest additions are acoustic versions of Bartimaeus and Marksman (extended Marksman version to include the very thought provoking final verse) as both these are powerful story songs with a definite sting in the tale.

Sorry to keep pushing it but this really is a fun powerful evening which I believe Christians and those seeking would really appreciate. Do contact me if you fancy a concert in your Church.

Just for any who live local to Littlehampton.


If possible please keep Saturday May 7th free in your diaries as it has just been confirmed that we will be performing a ‘Sting in the Tale’ concert at Littlehampton baptist church that night at 7pm.

It will be a great adult fun night out I promise!

Still plenty of free dates if you would like to book a ‘Sting in the Tale’ evangelistic fun adults concert at your Church.

Just for those on my website and mailing list

Please forgive me if you have read the following before but as I have new friends who are interested in my ministry looking at the website and joining my mailing list regularly, twice a year I give the following financial appeal in case any would like to, and feel that they are in the position to help support me financially.

Today, as with the rest of my 46 years of ministry, I have no regular income and my main income has always been provided by the generosity of Christians who believe in me and want to help fund what I continue to do.

If God has blessed you financially and you would like to give a regular sum monthly or a one of gift please do e mail me (ishmael@ishmael.org.uk) and I can give you bank details.

Any gift however large or small is really appreciated.

I may be getting older…but I praise God that He is still continuing to use me in evangelism and teaching for all ages, pastoral ministry with the needy and cancer sufferers and of course communicating through music.

Not only do I feel more inspired than ever but the brilliant news is that I now feel healthier than I have felt since I was diagnosed with leukaemia 8 years ago!

This means I have even more energy to do a lot more travelling, distance ministry and meeting / praying for and encouraging people which I so love doing. Hallelujah and thank you Lord!