Praise Party’s are back again!

Wow am I excited.In just over 7 days time I will be doing my very first Praise Party since February 2020.

At last a new Praise Party season has begun again!Song wise, although of course I will be including a lot of ‘the old favourites’ I will also be adding a few newer and different songs to freshen up the set a bit.

So a bit more detail on this months gigs in case you are living within driving distance.

Saturday August 14th 2.00pm start. All welcome.Headcorn Baptist Church. 1 Station Road. Headcorn. Ashford. TN27 9SB

Saturday August 21st 7.00pm start. All welcome.Rockingham Road Baptist Church Kettering Northants. NN16 9JA

Saturday August 28th 3.00pm A very short Praise Party.The One Event 40 year celebration. Lincolnshire Showground.

Now churches are at last opening up and people are allowed to sing again, please do let me know if you would like to have details so that you can have your very own Ishmael Praise Party.


A warm welcome to any new visitors to the website, especially friends from Chichester Cathedral as the website has just been added to the Cathedral Newsheet.

I do apologise for the lack of posts lately but I have been rather caught up adding 2 songs weekly to my Ishmaels Songs YouTube channel (I’ve now posted up 227 of my video songs) do check it out…PLUS Irene and I have now completed ‘Our Cancer Journey’ book… PLUS I’m well into recording my new ‘Scripture Praise Party Vol 2’ album.

Both the book and the album will be available to buy from our website shop hopefully in September, but I will keep you informed.

So, from now on I will try and post up a lot more news to let you know the latest.

I am so looking forward to getting back ‘on the road’ and visiting many of your Churches. New strings are on the guitar so I’m all ready!

the latest news update


Our ‘My cancer journey’ book that Irene and are writing is now nearly finished. I am just tidying up the final chapter.
We hope to get the proof reading, cover design, acknowledgements etc completed soon and have the book published and available by September.It is not going to be a thin volume because it has 21 chapters but it is very honest and easy to read and we are praying that it will be both encouraging and helpful to any suffering from cancer or any caring for a cancer sufferer.


I am not taking any more bookings throughout July and August because I will be concentrating on the new ‘Scripture Song’ album. The songs are all written and the recording dates for the session musicians to do the backing tracks are July 19th & 20th. We will do the overdubs, vocals and mix throughout August.Again looking for a release date in September.

Future bookings

So, I AM taking bookings from September and as you can see there are plenty of dates available. Once more, you may not be sure how many will attend, but that does not worry me one little bit. I just want those who do attend to have a fun evening praising God together.
And… if the worst comes to the worst and another lockdown arrives, we cancel or postpone.
Please messenger me or e mail me ( if you wish to know more.
Saturday July 3rd pm BirchingtonSaturday July 24th pm Llandovery near Lampeter
Saturday August 14th pm Headcorn near AshfordSaturday August 21st KetteringSaturday August 28th The One Event Lincoln
Sunday September 5th am WolverhamptonSunday September 12th am Wrington near Bristol
Saturday / Sunday October 9/10th Waddesdon, Bucks.Sunday October 31st am Sandown. I.O.W

Please let people know.

Please can I ask a big favour from you my friends.

Yes I know I keep pushing for people to look at and subscribe to my Ishmaels Songs Youtube channel but the reason I am doing this is because I am praying that this ever expanding library of simple songs (way after I’ve stopped singing them) will still be both a resource and enjoyed by churches, families and individuals.

My favour is please can you (if you live in the UK, USA, Europe or any other country in the world) send out a posting to all the churches that you have contact with, friends and family members and inform them of their availability.

I just so want my songs to be used by God to help all ages learn Scripture and hopefully to bless as many people as possible so please can you help me to share them around.

Just ask your contacts to check out Ishmaels Songs YouTube Channel, where they can watch me singing over 200 of my songs…Hey they don’t have to enjoy my singing I just want them to use my songs!