Praise God…at last I feel my time of being dormant is coming to an end!

Praise God…at last I feel my time of being dormant is coming to an end as I am slowly getting invites to get me back to doing what God has called me to do…and yes, I am starting to get excited again.

Do feel free to come and join me in any of the following and YES I am definitely getting ‘back on the road’ so please let your Church leader know about this. E mail me ( for more info of what I feel I can bring to your church… apart from some lively praise, simple teaching for all ages and…a lot of smiles.

January 29th Saturday. ‘Sojourn’ at the Bishops Palace Chichester. Irene & I are hosting a quiet day for refection and prayer. Places are limited.. Contact me for more details.

February 19th Sunday. All Age Praise Party at St Stephens Church. Bexhill on Sea 5.00pm

March 19th / 20th Cedars Church. Stowmarket. Saturday 19th Our Cancer Journey Testimony Concert Sunday 20th All Age Celebration.

April. I have kindly been invited to attend Spring Harvest in Minehead but am unsure if they want me to do anything yet.

May 14th Saturday. Growing Faith Day Conference at Chichester Cathedral. More details later.

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A happy new year

So yet another ‘strange’ year comes to an end.

A year when many have experienced frustration, depression, anxiety and yes, great sadness.

Although I can relate to most of the above I thank God that there has also been a few gems of good times.Over the year I’ve only be able to visit and minister in a tiny number of Churches compared to a normal year but I did get to South Bersted (a few times), Headcorn, Kettering, the One Event in Lincoln, Wolverhampton, Wrington, Birchington, Newport, and Witney. May I add ALL these visits really were highlights of my year!

I also was able to write the songs for and record ‘Scripture Praise Party 2’ and Irene and I (at last) finished writing and published ‘Our Cancer Journey’ book.Another highlight was hearing peoples wonderful response and reactions to both the CD and book.

I am praying that in 2022 I do get to come and sing and talk to many more of you. Hey, I’ve a whole album of new songs to have fun singing with you and yep, lots of stories which I know all ages will enjoy. I want to bring a bit of blessing and a lot of smiles (Ishsmiles) to all I get to visit.

So I reckon it’s time to bring us all into the ‘new’ year with an appropriate ‘old’ Ish song. Maybe like me throughout the past year you have been a little scared by what you have seen, heard and know but it’s a fact…Jesus won’t ever let us go. He’s right there with us when we experience the good, the bad and yes even the ugly

So altogether then lets go into 2022 singing…

‘So i’ve made up my mind that I’m going to follow Him wherever Jesus leads me I will go! (Ishmael’s Praise Party Vol 3 CD)

A very happy new year to all and look forward to seeing some of you in person very soon. X

My visit to Witney this morning

I must admit that when I was first invited to take a childrens Praise Party at the Kings School in Witney whilst the adults from different link churches were going to be meeting in another hall… I was a little apprehensive.


Well, a couple of times in the past I have been asked to do this and it wasn’t until I’d arrived that I discovered that the main Church leaders did not want someone to come and minister to the children, they just wanted someone from outside of their congregation to be there to babysit, so that the maximum number of the adults, including their childrens workers, could enjoy (a very long) meeting together whilst the children were being ‘entertained’.

To make things worse they left me with lots of children (ages ranging from creche to youth) and very few adults to help me…. and ……the main Church leaders never even had the politeness to come and say hello to their hired entertainer!

Rant over because…

I am so pleased to reveal to you that the opposite happened this morning.
To start with, I was invited into the adult church congregation and welcomed and honoured by the Church leaders in front of everyone. Then when we went into our own hall it was wonderful to see how well organised everything was.I was joined in the hall by lots of enthusiastic adults and lots and lots of very enthusiastic children who were so keen to listen, learn, sing and of course join in the fun.

These church leaders did not want a babysitter / entertainer, they were really keen to have someone come in and teach and minister to their children…whilst entertaining them of course!
Well, I did my best to fulfil what they wanted for 90 minutes and loved every minute of it.

So, the good news is that some Church leaders really do care about the Spiritual lives and Spiritual growth of the precious little lambs that they have under their care as much as they care about the adults in their congregation.
I think a bit of healing of bad memories took place in me this morning. Thank you Lord.
And thank you Sarah, Guy, their family, the team that were helping out this morning and of course the Church leadership team who wanted me to be there!

This morning visit to South Bersted

I must admit I was a little apprehensive about leading this mornings service at South Bersted.


Well, never before have I attempted to sing and teach 11 brand new songs in a 1 hour service.

What made me even more apprehensive was I have never really sung or played hardly any of these songs ‘live’ before.

But I needn’t have worried because the reasonably full church immediately started singing them like they were old favourites!

This is just what I hoped would happen when I wrote the songs. They are all very simple and do have very (dare I say) annoyingly catchy and unforgettable tunes.

Matthew 1 verse 21 has taken over from Hebrews 11 verse 6 ‘In God alone’, ‘Christ came into the world’ and ‘To our King’ really took off as we worshipped together and ‘Lord hear our prayer’ fitted so well in a short time of intercession.

Yes and of course and some of the other songs, and the way that we sang them, really brought smiles to peoples faces.

What a wonderful morning.Special thanks goes to Emily and my childrens CD choir, brother Timbo on bass, and Vicar Tim for inviting me.

Looking forward to returning on Sunday January 2nd and to continue teaching, praising and having fun with these lovely people at St Mary Magdalene Church.

In case you are interested, these are the songs that I included this morning from my new Scripture Praise Party 2 CD.

Now is the time

In Matthew 1 verse 21

Give thanks to God

In God alone

Don’t ever judge others

Lord I really

Lord hear our prayer

Christ came into the world

Whoever obeys

For its by grace

To our King

You can now order ‘Our Cancer Journey’ book in advance

You can now order ‘Our Cancer Journey’ book in advance from our website shop.

All advance orders (received before the publishing date Nov 1st 2021) will also receive a free ‘Revived’ CD.

The e book will be released on the publishing date and cannot be ordered in advance.

Price £12.00 plus £4.00 p&p.

Ish and Irene share their experiences when they faced life threatening cancer and how their faith helped them to cope. This book is a very honest and easy to read account from both a cancer patient’s perspective and the carer’s. Ish tells his story from the patient’s perspective, and Irene from the carer’s. Their hope is that from their experience this book might be able to help and support other sufferers in similar circumstances.