• Ish’s proposed ‘great northern tour 2022’ event!

    I was due to be in Sandown on the Isle of Wight on October 30th but they have kindly agreed to move their Praise Party to November. More details to follow on the new date for Sandown. I asked them to move the date to make way for a proposed northern / Scottish tour (Manchester northwards) from Saturday October 22nd until Sunday 30th. Although I’m not expecting gigs on all of those 9 nights I decided on them because it will be half term which means that children will be able to attend any weeknight Praise Parties as there will be no school the following day. The cost to each…

  • Time to revisit the midlands, the north and Scotland!

    Just to let you know that over the past few days I’ve had churches contact me that would like a ish praise party during the autumn both in the midlands and in the very north of England. But because I want to keep the cost to the very minimum both trips will need to be part of a tour to keep expenses minimal for all churches. And…if I do manage to get to the very north of England…I’d love to slip over the border… it was years since I last joined my chums in Scotland. Any churches even considering this mIght be a possibility (and Irene will be with me…

  • The Smale brothers ‘rock on’

    The Smale brothers ‘rock on’ at All Saints Church In Wick, Littlehampton yesterday afternoon. A fuller review of the gig later. By the way, in case you’re unsure…I am the shorter, younger, good looking one, that reminds me, I need to make an appointment at Specsavers soon!

  • Littlehampton…here we come!

    After a couple of weeks of relaxation after the wonderful Lionheart Festival (where I hope to return in 2023, more details later) it’s back to doing what I most love doing next Sunday (Aug 7th) a Praise Party at Wick Hall in Littlehampton. We ‘kick off’ at 3.30 and I promise you it will be an hour or so of fun for ALL ages. Do come and say hello…brother Timbo will also be with me plonking away on his bass guitar. Amazingly the hall is just a few yards away from where I lived whilst going to senior school. Whilst I was struggling to learn anything academic, little brother Timbo…

  • Irene’s exciting new blog.

    Do check out the menu and you will see that Irene had added a new blog. This is the first of many. I think lots of you will find it very interesting.