• Eastbourne. Latest invite

    Organisers. The Well Community Church Date of event: Sunday 28th August 2022 Name and address of concert venue plus postcode: St Barnabas Church, Kingfisher Drive, Eastbourne, BN23 7RL Starting time of the Praise Party: 11.15 1010

  • The Guernsey trip

    Just returned from a few days ‘holiday’ in Guernsey. To help me relax I did 2 assemblies, a ‘when the road is rough and steep’ concert, a morning Q & A on children’s worship, a preach Sunday morning and a praise party on the Sunday afternoon. Seriously….I relax far more doing something than lying on a sun bed! Everyone of the variety of events mentioned above were brilliant. God was well and truly with us. The fantastic vicar / organiser who is doing an amazing job and loved by all his community wrote a note for Irene and I as we left. It read ‘ Thanks for your wonderful visit,…

  • UCB2 radio interview

    For any interested Ruth O’Reilly-Smith will be interviewing me on UCB2 radio on Wednesday the 25th May at 11am.There will also be a few tracks played.I think it should be quite interesting as the interview seemed to go very well.

  • Guernsey May 20th-22nd

    Irene and I are looking forward to a busy weekend in Guernsey. On Friday morning I will be taking a couple of school assemblies. On Friday evening we will be doing our when the road is rough and steep concert. On Saturday morning we will be informally talking to members of the church about children. On Sunday morning I will be preaching at the Eucharist service. On Sunday afternoon we finish with an all age Praise Party. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

  • Spring Harvest 2022

    Another year and another wonderful time at Spring Harvest. As always Irene’s words were the most sensible but without doubt I got the most chuckles. I mean would any serious musician deliberately begin a serious musical seminar by singing the opening song in the wrong key…just to relax his listeners? …when I say deliberately I might be exaggerating a tad! Actually it was a wonderful time. Thank you SH for inviting me to my 40th visit, both Irene and I loved being with you and by the response afterwards those present found our time together encouraging. Just a reminder that we are available to come and share some honest (but…