Blackpool and Ilfracombe

On off. On off. On off……

Ok, I apologise that I have mentioned this before…but things keep changing!

Blackpool on May the 6th is DEFINITELY ON!

I thought I had another booking arranged for Friday 5th, but that fell through so…I am still looking for a venue (somewhere north of the M4 and Blackpool) who would be willing to host ‘A sting in the Tale’ fun evangelistic concert.

Exactly the same for Friday May 19th but then I’m looking for a venue between Chichester and Ilfracombe.

If anyone can help out, and numbers attending are not important, it will not cost the Church a penny not even petrol money. All I ask is the usual £5.00 guest admission charge which will go to support my ministry.

It seems such a shame to travel those distances and not visit someone else on the way but as I said both Blackpool and Ilfracombe are definitely on, so if nothing else comes in…I really am looking forward to going to be with them.

E mail me at if you wish to know more.

‘Sting’ in Eastbourne this Friday

Looking forward to being in Eastbourne this Friday night (24th) for our ‘Sting in the Tale’ acoustic concert at
St Anthony’s Centre
557a Seaside
Eastbourne BN23 6NH
The concert begins at 7 (doors open 6.30) and will be over soon after 8.30 so it won’t be too late a night if you are travelling from any distance.
Tickets are £5 on the door and I promise you an enjoyable, relaxed, fun evening…. with just a few things to think about!

A special offer

Just to inform you that I am doing a special shop offer. The ‘Bigger Barn’ CD PLUS the ‘Bigger Barn’ DVD PLUS the ‘It’s Party Time’ DVD…all 3 for just £10.

If you would like these 3 for a tenner (plus £2.00 p&p) please drop me an e mail at

This offer will not be available from our online shop so you can either pay over the phone or by cheque.

A nice little surprise

Oliver has just ordered my CD ‘Songs & Hymns’ and as a little Easter treat as well as sending him the ‘Sting in the Tale souvenir CD, I’ve also sent him the ‘Bigger Barn’ CD for free.

I will do exactly the same for anyone who orders ‘Songs & Hymns’ up until Easter Sunday.

Why? Well I believe this CD has a few good songs that are very simple to play and would be very suitable for Easter, ‘Blessed is the King”Hallelujah, Praise to Jesus’ and ‘Oh the peace’ to name just 3.

Why ‘Bigger Barn?’ well, everyone needs a bit of ‘Wolfy Wolfy’ after the seriousness of Lent don’t they!

Blackpool, here we come!

Just to let you know that I will now be heading up north again to perform ‘A Sting in the Tale’ concert at Victoria Community Church on Saturday May 6th and staying over to take part in their Sunday morning service.


So now I am looking for a concert venue between Chichester and Ilfracombe on Friday May 19 (and maybe one on the Sunday night on my return trip).


Also now a venue somewhere around the West Midlands on Friday May 19th (again with the possibility of another on the Sunday night on my way back to Chichester).


Of course, if you would prefer me to take part in a Sunday evening service instead of a concert, that may also be a possibility.


Obviously it’s not essential that I do more concerts as I will be visiting Ilfracombe and Blackpool anyway, but it does help to break a long journey and also I just love the opportunity to minister whenever and wherever I can!


I realise of course that will be post Spring Harvest so by then I will by then have 2 different evenings for you to choose from.


  • ‘A sting in the tale’ in which I give my life story and all the songs I sing are story songs.


  • ‘An evening with Ish’ where I will be telling you about some very funny and exciting things that have happened over the past 47 years of travel (many which I have never told before) plus singing lots of my most popular songs over the years which will definitely include What a long hard day it’s been, GLORIE and stacks more.


Both are very relaxed, fun, acoustic evenings for adults and will be enjoyed by your older members as much as your younger ones!


Again all I ask is a bit towards the petrol money from the local Church and a £5.00 admission charge for guests which will help support my ministry.


Please do contact me at


By the way, Littlehampton Baptist Church was brill this morning and I’m off to Southend tomorrow to speak at a Full Gospel Businessmen’s dinner.