Chafford Hundred Community Church

This morning I had the most amazing time leading a children’s service at Chafford Hundred in Essex.

There were about 60-70 children present and I can’t remember the last time when I was with a such a group of children for over an hour who were so attentive and who joined in the songs so enthusiastically.

Thank you Kirstie (the children’s leader) for inviting me, it was a real pleasure being with you.

On my way home I visited a doctor friend of mine who was constantly encouraging me when I was seriously ill.

Sadly now my friend is not well at all. I was able to pray for him but I know that both he and his lovely wife would really appreciate even more prayer at this difficult time. Please do join me in praying for him.


Many thanks

Back at work!

Just to let you all know that after a weeks enjoyable break, today I will be back in my office and will be answering all your e mails and posting off your ishmaeldirect shop orders.

Free Sting souvenir album plus advance warning.

I’ve compiled a special ‘Sting in the Tale’ souvenir album using all the original CD song tracks from various albums. These are the songs that I perform ‘acoustic and live’ at the ‘Sting in the Tale’ concerts.

I will be sending a free copy of this compilation with all CDs and downloads ordered from our online shop.

2 reasons.

Firstly, I’m hoping that once you hear the songs I will be singing you may be encouraged to invite me to do a ‘Sting in the Tale’ concert at your Church and secondly, there are some cracking tracks on this compilation which I think you will love!

Also just an advance warning that I will be taking a break away from my office from Tuesday January 3rd until Wednesday January 11th. This means I will not be replying to e mails or posting products off during that period.

You will of course still be able to send in orders and download CDs

New songs for next years tour

Just working on which songs to include in the new set for next years follow up concert to ‘A sting in the tale’ and came across this song which I wrote in 1982.

I realise that most will say that the most inspired song that I have written is ‘Father God I Wonder’ but I think that the truth and humour behind this little Glories song were also quite inspired.

Yep I must put this in the new set and of course I’ve got plenty of true stories to introduce it!

Supernaturally from the album ‘The Power and the Glories’.
Well once I saw a fellah, he was looking kinda yella
He didn’t look well at all
He looked morose cos the doctor diagnosed
That he couldn’t help him at all
Then the Glories said, with their hands upon his head
Disease leave this man be
I’m now assured that he’s well and truly cured
Cos he looks more fit than me!

I don’t understand these Glories
They’re just the same as me
They’re naturally not super
But they’re supernaturally

We met to break bread when a Glorie said
We are clean out of wine
I said don’t worry, I’ll reach the shop if I hurry
Just before closing time
They said sit tight it will be alright
A jug of water will do
They bowed their heads and the water went red
Vintage 82

I don’t understand these Glories
They’re just the same as me
They’re naturally not super
But they’re supernaturally

And I well remember last December
Our Christmas dinner dish
The table looked bare as we all sat there
With some bread and a couple of fish
It seemed the time and place for an extra long grace
So this we decided to do
That night our appetite got satisfied alright
And we filled the freezer too!

I don’t understand these Glories
They’re just the same as me
They’re naturally not super
But they’re supernaturally

I remember how we cried, when a friend of ours had died
He’d received his final call
I thought to show our sorrow we should call up interflora
To send a wreath from us all
But the Glories thought best to reach the chapel of rest
They said it’s never too late
They prayed, he was raised, and the Vicar said amazed
Postponed to a later date!

I don’t understand these Glories
They’re just the same as me
They’re naturally not super
But they’re supernaturally

It’s Christmas Day.

I would like to wish all of my lovely website family a very happy Christmas day but…I do realise that for some of us this day cannot be truly happy because over the past year / years we have lost family and friends who have been very near and dear to us and Christmas Day is not going to be the same without them with us.
But…please be assured of my thoughts and prayers.
I do however hope that we are all able to give thanks to God for sending His son Jesus to earth.
For me though, although celebrating the baby Jesus in a manger is wonderful, it is even more wonderful that this baby grew into the man who 33 years later died upon a cross then 3 days later rose again and brought salvation to mankind.
You see, I find it impossible to celebrate Christmas without celebrating Easter at the same time!
My prayer today is that on this special day, we all sense the love of Jesus and feel the presence of God close by us.X