Littlehampton Baptist Church

Tomorrow morning I will be returning to preach at ‘home base’ the Church where my ministry began Littlehampton Baptist Church.

Always enjoy going back there and seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

If you live near Littlehampton do pop in and join us. The service begins at 10am prompt and lasts about an hour.

This happened today

To follow on from the amazing phone contact that happened yesterday, this morning I visited the couple and spent over an hour with them having a wonder chat and prayer.

The husband is Mike and his wife with cancer of the liver is Jenny.

I asked permission to mention them by name as I would like you would join me in praying for Jenny and of course Mike and the family at this difficult time.

Both Mike and Jenny are dedicated Christians and younger than me and Jenny feels that she has more to do in life down here.

The main cancer was discovered in the bile duct but this has spread to the liver.

Jenny is not on chemo at the moment and has asked for specific prayer as she feels very wobbly and very tired. She’d love to have the energy to go out of the house a bit and have less difficulty in walking.

In a couple of weeks time she will be going for a scan so I will remind you to pray for her nearer the time before she goes in for this.

This happened yesterday

Amazing thing happened today.

Playing golf in the freezing cold (that’s not amazing) i left my mobile phone in my golf bag pocket.

When I finished the game I checked it and discovered that by itself it had contacted someone without me touching it.

A gentleman (who i don’t know) but who knew me, texted me back to ask if I’d meant to call or was it a mistake.

I apologised and said that it must have been a mistake.

He replied that’s a shame because I thought you may have heard that my wife has serious cancer.

I said that I was sorry but I didn’t know anything about that.

I’ve now been back in touch and will be going round to their house and have the privilege of chatting and praying with them.

Truly God moves in wonderful and mysterious ways!

Ilfracombe confirmed

Just to inform you that my visit to Ilfracombe has now been confirmed.

I will be performing the ‘Sting in the Tale’ concert at 8pm on Saturday May 20th in The Lantern on the High Street and preaching at Combe Martin Baptist Church on the Sunday morning.

Just to remind you that If you do live roughly between Chichester and Ilfracombe and would like a ‘Sting’ concert on either Friday May 19th or Sunday evening May 21st, it will only cost the organiser a bit of petrol money. I do need to know fairly soon though.

Please send me an e mail if interested. Thanks

For your info

As it is that time of year when many of you are planning your Church diaries and some are e mailing me asking what I am still able to do…(there is a wicked rumour going round that I am getting older (but personally, I havn’t noticed it) I thought I would make it clear to all what I available to do throughout this coming year….and what I can’t do.


  • ‘Sting in the Tale’

A fun evangelistic concert which includes a bit of my life story and lots         of ‘sing-a-long story songs. More suitable for adults.


  • ‘An evening of stories & songs with Ishmael.’

The follow up concert to the ‘Sting’ concert with different songs (I have selected some of my favourites) and different interesting and fun stories taken from 47 years of travelling ministry. This will be premiered at Spring Harvest on April 11th.


  • All age services.

I still love getting the whole family of the Church together for an hour to worship, learn, and have a bit of fun as we do so!


  • Family Praise Parties.

I began doing these for children and families in 1982 and still love doing them just as much today!


  • Preaching, seminars, and training days.

Believe it or not but I’ve learned a lot over these many years by getting some things right and yep, getting some things wrong!


I really enjoy preaching anywhere and at anytime but also people seemed to have appreciated 2 special seminars that I have done recently.


a)‘When the road is rough and steep’ a time when I personally share how to cope in very difficult times.


  1. b) ‘Children. Today’s Church tomorrows leaders’ where I share what I have learned rom my many years ministering to children.


  • Anything else you think I may be able to do ie after dinner talks etc.



What I can’t do


  • Dance for an hour like Michael Flatley
  • Sing like Pavarottian
  • Play my guitar like Eric Clapton

Surprise surprise!


Please drop me an e mail at if you want more info on any of the above…and I don’t mean on the things I can’t do!