The final ‘Sting?’

Just a final reminder that we will be performing the ‘Sting in the Tale’ concert at Felpham Methodist Church tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 7pm.

Tickets £5.00 on the door.

Please can you pass this on to any who live locally.

Sadly this could be it’s final performance as no more invites have come in.

It is such a shame because it is a fun / powerful evening and I think that the majority of those who have been to one have enjoyed it.

Mind you, I think that I have enjoyed doing them far more than anyone has enjoyed listening to them !!!!

Sad times.

I have some very happy times being a chaplain to my old hospital ward and visiting it most weeks and becoming good friends with Leukaemia sufferers.
I’m even more happy when they pull through the treatment and transplants and carry on enjoying life.
But sadly this is not always the case, some don’t.
A while ago I met and became friends with a lovely young guy but as time and treatment progressed it became very clear that the treatment was not working for him although of course on every visit, I prayed for him and hoped for a miracle.
A couple of weeks ago he told me that his time left on earth was going to be short.
I was with him twice last week discussing of all things his funeral arrangements and although I knew he was dying, he did not look or act like he was.
That is why it still came as a big shock to me when a relative texted me yesterday and told me that he had died.
Death may no longer have a sting or a victory but it still has a big impact on those of us left on earth.
Although of course I can’t disclose any names, prayers would be valued for all the family and close friends at this sad time.

Buy one…Get one Free!

You seemed to like the little deal I did a while ago where if you order any CD from our online shop (download or actual CD) I will send you another one that I think you may like FREE.

Let’s do it again from now until Christmas…my little gift to you.

New for 2017

Although I will still be touring with ‘A sting in the Tale’ (which is the fun life story / song story evening) I also want to make another intimate / laid back evening available during 2017 which will again really be aimed at adults (as it is a sit and listen event not a Praise Party) and be the same financial arrangements to keep the costs down for local Churches.




An entertaining evening of reliving the stories and reviving the songs of Ish’s Glorie Company years.

And there will be LOTS of Glorie stories and LOTS of Glorie songs!

This will be an amazing & amusing opportunity for adults to listen and learn how God can inspire children.

A little child shall lead them!


Do please get in touch and I will send you more details if this may be an event that you might like to host at your Church during 2017

The All Hallows Party in Quedgeley

Well how would I describe our party in the community centre at Quedgeley on All Hallows Eve with over 40 non-churched children and parents present, I think the one word to describe it would be ‘lively’.

The children certainly were post school bundles of energy and dressed up for the party in a variety of costumes ranging from the incredible hulk to sleeping beauty!

Judi the organiser did brilliantly, although it wore me out just watching her doing an hour of games with such energetic children!

Afterwards I did a few songs and Judi told the story of Lazarus and a lot of the children joined in and listened intently.

Then came the food and drink…and they certainly enjoyed that!

So well done Judi and Hugh, as always great to be with you and also to enjoy the company of such lovely children and parents.