It’s Christmas Day.

I would like to wish all of my lovely website family a very happy Christmas day but…I do realise that for some of us this day cannot be truly happy because over the past year / years we have lost family and friends who have been very near and dear to us and Christmas Day is not going to be the same without them with us.
But…please be assured of my thoughts and prayers.
I do however hope that we are all able to give thanks to God for sending His son Jesus to earth.
For me though, although celebrating the baby Jesus in a manger is wonderful, it is even more wonderful that this baby grew into the man who 33 years later died upon a cross then 3 days later rose again and brought salvation to mankind.
You see, I find it impossible to celebrate Christmas without celebrating Easter at the same time!
My prayer today is that on this special day, we all sense the love of Jesus and feel the presence of God close by us.X

Cathedral Crib Service

Today I will be taking part in the cathedral crib service which I must admit is one of my favourite services of the year!

Over a thousand children and adults will pack the nave as we celebrate the birth of Christ together and the children will be dressed as shepherds, sheep, Angels, kings and of course the odd Darth Vader!

Special Weekend

It would be hard to put into words the amazing day I spent with the vineyard children’s leaders at their national conference near Northampton yesterday.

I did 2 one hour sharing sessions.

Session 1 What I have learned from the good times telling them lots of stories about my many years ministering to children.

Session 2 what I have learned from the difficult times sharing about cancer and bereavement.

The response to both was incredible.
I have not been invited to speak to childrens leaders for years which made even more special.

Thank you Dave (one of the organisers) for inviting me…and really honouring me in a way I’m sure I don’t deserve.

I feel I still have so much experience to pass onto those ministering to children which would help them in their calling.

As we drove home I called into Guildford hospital to visit my good golfing buddies 39 year old daughter who has just been diagnosed with AML leukaemia.

Prayers for her as she begins her treatment would be appreciated

Happy Christmas Offer!

Just a reminder about our Christmas offer that if you order one or more CDs from our shop either CD or download, I will send you another CD that I think you will like for FREE.

Also I still love listening to my last CD (well there are some great singers on it) ‘songs and hymns’ and think it would make a great Christmas present for someone.

So if you order one of those I will not only send the free CD mentioned above but also a copy of our back catalogue Christmas Carol Celebration CD which still after 25 years rocks!

Offer ends on Christmas Day.

What a weekend!

Well I’ve arrived home rather exhausted after an action packed house party weekend with St Martins church and what a weekend we had!

The weekend included Great music worship, gentle quiet reflective times, a talent show, a barn dance, wonderful fellowship and also I did a spot of sharing and teaching.

Oh yes and on a free Saturday afternoon had a few minutes to pop into the lovely Lichfield Cathedral.

I can honestly say that I loved every minute of my time spent with these lovely people and having not done a house party for years…I’d forgotten how special they can be.