I’m out of my office until Monday October 17th

Just to make you aware that I will not be answering e mails or posting out products ordered from our online shop until Monday October 17th.

Of course you can still order your products from our shop and the downloading will continue to function as normal.

If there is anything urgent I need to know, you will need to e mail me today (Friday October 7th)

Off to Southend

I’ve just been invited to Southend on Sunday January 29th 2017 to speak and sing after a FGB meal.

The organiser Andy wrote ‘I met you briefly earlier this year at Leigh-on-Sea Elim, and was really blessed by your ‘Sting in the Tail’ gospel and music presentation.’

I found this really encouraging as we rarely have massive crowds at the ‘Sting’ gigs but judging by the number of people that have told me how much they enjoyed the evening and seeing how God is using it, I think I will be doing it into next year as well.

Only trouble is before I speak and sing I never eat or drink anything but I will enjoy watching others eating and drinking!

Hallowed Eve Booking

If you remember I told you about the wonderful time I had at the Tot Fest near Stroud in August.

Well, by popular demand I will be returning to see those wonderful people again on October 31st.

What makes this such exciting news is that nearly all those who saw me in August were non-church people!…Yippee!

What a weekend in Shrewsbury!

Ahhh Over 4 hours to drive to a stop off in Gloucester on Friday night to cut the journey due to an incident on the M4.
Then when I eventually arrived on the Saturday we had a great Praise Party in the Belle Vue Holy Trinity Church with about 120 joining in the fun!
In the evening a more intimate group seemed to really appreciate the ‘Sting in the Tale’ Concert.
On the Sunday my BBC radio Shropshire interview was to be 3 minutes but ended up as 10 and the morning the all age service I really enjoyed and I think a lot of others did as well!
Brilliant weekend meeting lots and lots of lovely people!
To quote Arnie…i’ll be back!
But only if I am invited of course!

I’ve rather a lot to do this weekend!

A couple of things that I forgot to mention,

Whilst I am at Holy Trinity Church, Belle Vue , Shrewsbury
SY3 7LL this weekend I will also be doing a Praise Party there at 2.00pm for an hour on Saturday…so please, bring your children along to join in the fun!

Then on Sunday morning I am being interviewed at 8.40 on BBC Radio Shropshire.
Saturday drive up
2.00pm Praise Party
7.30pm Sting in the Tale concert.
Sunday 8.40 Radio interview.
10.30 All Age Service.
Then drive home

Methinks it’s going to be a rather busy weekend!