The Midlands mini ‘Sting’ tour review.

Great time with minister Graham and friends at Coventry Baptist Church on Tuesday.
Lovely warm hearted people.
I was reminded of Jesus quote ‘in my fathers house are many rooms’….This church building must have the most rooms inside it I’ve ever seen. 
Even the members were unsure how many there rooms there are!

Another wonderful ‘Sting in the Tale’ concert followed on Wednesday in Erdington in Birmingham. The audience were so enthusiastic!
I was invited there by my long time chum ‘Mr Banana’ otherwise known as Peter Green.
Pete was running a thriving childrens work at Spring Harvest just prior to the Glorie Company who succeeded his great ‘fruity’ team.
I really do enjoy doing these tours as every night I seem to be meeting up with old friends whilst of course making lots of new ones!

The final night of this midland mini tour was in Nuneaton last night.
Although the audience was small, there were 2 very significant things that made tonight’s concert very special and made me feel so pleased to be there.

The first were the lovely people I met and chatted to including the wonderful Vicar Kelly.
And the second was I believe that God specifically wanted a couple of people there to hear what I had to share.

And at the end of the day…that’s what makes these concerts so worthwhile.

Dates already booked for ‘Sting’ & ‘Glorie Days’ Concerts

Another great fun ‘Glorie Days’ concert last night in Chiddingfold.

People seemed to really enjoy it…especially when they discovered that they could instantly join in singing the old ‘Glorie’ songs …even though they had never heard them before.’Instant Ish”…that’s me!

The ‘Glorie Days’ concerts follow on from the ‘Sting in the Tale’ concerts so expect to see lots more of them advertised later in 2018 / 2019.

Here are the concert dates booked thus far for the next few months, if I am anywhere near you please make a note of the date and come along and join in the fun! If you’ve any friends / relatives near any of them, please let them know about it for me.
And of course, if you want me to visit your Church…you only have to ask!

September 26th Coventry (Sting)
September 27th Erdington Birmingham (Sting)
September 28th Nuneaton (Sting)
October 11th St Ives Cambridgeshire (Sting)
October 12th Comberton Cambridgeshire (Sting)
November 3rd Felpham (Glorie Days)
November 14th South Bersted (Glorie Days)
November 23rd Shrewsbury (Glorie Days)
November 24th Oswaldtwistle (Sting)
November 25th bradford (Sting)
December 2nd Cudham (Glorie Days)
January 20th Aylesham (Sting) Looking for venues in the Suffolk / Norfolk area for 18th & 19th
February 2nd Lacock (Glorie Days)
February 13th Spalding (Sting)
February 14th Horncastle (Sting)
February 15th Hykeham (Sting)
February 16th Nottingham (Sting)

Hearing problems!

As some of you know, since my intensive cancer treatment I have had a serious hearing disability.

Harley Street informed me it’s not straight deafness, I suffer from speech indiscrimination. That means unless a person speaks very clearly, I just hear the sounds of their voice but my brain cannot work quickly enough to pick up their words without them having to be repeated.

This is really debilitating as it rules out me going to shows, lectures even sitting at a hospital patients bedside and understanding their words can at times be very difficult.

Thankfully I have no problem preaching or doing concerts….although a good foldback speaker really does help!

Anyway, yesterday i went into a Chemist to buy some treatment for my cold (which thankfully is now all but gone) and the lady serving behind the counter mumbled something that I couldn’t pick up.

When, as I ofter have to do, I asked her to repeat herself,…with great exaggeration she started mouthing each word slowing as if I were stupid.

When i explained to her that I had a hearing difficulties she just said well I couldn’t see your hearing aids and…they can’t be working.

It’s strange but nobody would mock anyone with a sight disability but so many consider it ‘open season’ to make fun of those with hearing problems.

Of course I won’t report the counter lady because we all at times say things we may regret afterwards but I did clearly let her know that she had over stepped the mark and she should never do that again!

Here’s hoping my words did not fall on deaf ears!

Thank you

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for me this morning.

I got through the 2 services in Horsham ok and I felt that both of the large congregations were very generous in their support and encouragement.

I just did not feel very well with my nose running, my voice croaking and my body shivering.. I felt I was not able to quite give of my best but there was no way that I was going to cancel being with them because of a stupid cold!

While I’ve got you, I will be doing a mini-Sting in the Tale concert tour in Norfolk next Jaunuary (2018) and am already booked to be in Aylsham on Saturday January 20th.

Whilst up in the Norwich / Norfolk area if any Church may be interested in me popping in and doing a ‘Sting’ concert on Thursday 18th or Friday 19th please let me know asap and I will send you more details.

Remember it only need cost the Church £50 towards the travel costs.
First come first served I’m afraid.

Friday night and today.

It took quite a few ‘Sing in the Tale’ concerts before I felt that I had the right mix of stories and songs…which now I feel is just right.

However on Friday night brother Timbo and I performed it’s successor ‘Glorie Days’ for the first time since Spring Harvest and I was really pleased with both the mix of stories and songs and thrilled with the audience response!

It was almost like being back in the Glorie Company…but with people more my age rather than 8-11 year olds!

Today I’m driving up to St Mary’s Church in Horsham to take part singing and preaching at 2 services for them which I am really looking forward to.

Value a bit of pray though as I’m suffering from a heavy cold, nothing serious but coughing, sneezing and having to blow my nose all the time is rather annoying when you want to give of your best!

I won’t be hugging anyone that’s for sure!