• Free Song & Songsheet!

    We are celebrating the opening of Ish’s new website which now includes, for the very first time, the brand new song database. Here you can browse and download the sheet music of over 100 of Ish’s songs in 4 songbooks. This includes lyrics, guitar chords and topline piano scores. More songbooks will follow shortly. To encourage you to join us in the celebration (and to wish you a happy Christmas) here is a free gift for you to download. It is the music to one of Ish’s most popular children’s songs ‘I once was frightened of spiders.’ Not only does the song have a strong message but children will love singing it. To download…

  • What a weekend!

    Just had a brilliant ‘Sting in the Tale’ weekend. Friday night in a small Baptist Church hall in Devon which seemed to be in the middle of no-where but after I sang the last song I heard some of the most encouraging comments shouted out from the audience that I have heard in many years. Then on Saturday night in the largest Church building in Cornwall, there may have been just a small number present but what a great night! These ‘Sting’ concerts are getting better and better! Can’t wait for the next one!

  • At last, you can download the music scores!

    On this new website you can now download 4 songbooks. ’52 Scripture Songs disc 1′ ’52 Scripture Songs disc 2′ ‘Songs & Hymns’ and the 3 ‘Little songs for little children CDs’ They are individually priced by the number of songs in the songbook. All these 4 songbooks have all the words / chords and topline piano scores and will only be available as downloads not hard copy. More songbooks will be added shortly. Check out the website shop for more details.

  • Regular news not daily

    On this new site I will be adding news and also your e mails very regularly and will always keep you updated with things that I am involved in both for your interest and prayers.

  • Any shop problems, do let me know.

    One or two of you have difficulty in buying or downloading products from our online shop, If you do please drop me an e mail and I will sort out a solution for you.