The Children’s Ministry continues!

Sang and spoke at another Kid’s Club this morning, this time in Brighton.

Really great time and I was asked to sing ‘Wolfy Wolfy’ twice as it seemed to be one of the children’s and leaders favourite songs!

Still a few more Summer Kid’s Clubs to go before this summer ends!

But I have been thinking.

Here I am clocking in at 67 in a few days time, although because of my 3 years of Chemo the Docs say my actual body age is 5 years older…WHAT…72!

And yet here I am still singing and speaking to children…the white haired OAP Grandpa Glorie!

I’ll be honest with you, over the past few years I have not been asked to do hardly any Children’s ministry and I had resolved myself to the fact that I was now too old for this and that my days ministering to children were now over. That is why I’ve concentrated ministering far more to adults recently, which I also love doing.

Well, I must not grumble…I’ve had a good innings, over 36 years of Kids work so I can’t complain.

Then this year, in come the Kids Clubs bookings again and so now I’m back trying to remember my children’s songs and even harder trying to remember… and do the actions that go with them!

Although I do tend to get a tad more tired than I did 30 years ago, I still so love singing and speaking to children.

When I was resurrected from Leukaemia 8 or so years ago, I again repeated to God the prayer that I first prayed when I became a Christian, Lord whatever you want me to do, I will try to put all my energy into doing it!

So that’s it then.

As long as invitations keep coming in and the body and mind stay capable, I will carry on doing what I so enjoy doing…that is a variety of different events… including ministering to children!


Back from Frinton

And what a wonderful time I had!

The marquee was packed for the children’s praise party and although we were all sweltering in the heat, the action packed hour stayed very lively right until the very last song!

In the evening 150 came for the curry evening and afterwards I spoke and sang for about 45 minutes. What I said seemed to be really well received and I had some great conversations afterwards.

This is such a well organised annual event and all the organisers and people we met were so warm and friendly. It was a pleasure and an honour to have been invited to be a small part of it.


Big day tomorrow.

Dashing up to Frinton-on-sea to join in their annual mission week.

I will arrive at midday for a prayer lunch then set up for the Praise Party which will be held in a marquee on the sea front which will begin at 2.45. They are expecting around 500 children…Wow!

Then in the evening they are hosting a curry evening where around 100 guests are expected and I will be the ‘after curry’ speaker!

Sounds like a great day and if you fancy ‘popadoming’ in…you’d better ‘curry’ oh…and feel free to bring your ‘Nan’!

Apologies and Cardiff!

My cousin kindly reminded me that I have not been putting much news up for you lately but that is about to change!

I’ve been putting my news on Facebook but of course a lot of you don’t follow Facebook so everything (sensible) that I put on Facebook I will also post on this website.

Last week I was at Park End Church in Cardiff. On the Friday morning I did a praise party at their kids club then at 7 I performed a ‘sting in the tale’ concert.

Being back doing a kids club after quite a while was brilliant fun…and yes, I can still just about manage it and the ‘Sting’ concert was a great evening!

Great day with lovely people..


More news for you later today about where I am going to tomorrow.

Joss’s walk for charity

Dear Ish website friends.

May I appeal to your generosity please.

Our son Joss is again on his travels (having walked New Zealand) and this time he is walking from Lands End to John O’Groats.

The hike is about 1200 miles total (up mountain and down dale) and at present he has walked over 400 miles and is in Sandbach north of Crewe.

He is doing this to raise money for the same charity as before the Snowdrop Trust who cares for children in their own homes who have a life threatening or terminal illness.

The reason we as a family hold them in such high regard is because they were such a wonderful support to us when we went through our darkest hours a few years ago.

If you can afford to give even just a small amount to show your support, Joss, Snowdrop and I would really appreciate it.

You can follow Joss on the link below and even on the wettest and toughest days, I guarantee he will write something or post up a photo that will make you smile.

In advance…thank you. Ish x

Here is the link address to sponsor this adventure and support a superb charity: