Laycock…here I come!

What a glorious day to be travelling up to Laycock to perform a ‘Glorie Days’ concert this evening!

St Cyriac’s Church. Doors open at 7.00 for a 7.30 start.

Admission charge (payable at the door). Adults £5.00. Older children £3.00

Can’t wait!

Home from the Lincolnshire ‘Sting’ tour

Spalding, Horncastle, Birchwood Lincoln and finally Nottingham!

All brilliant concerts and all so different but none as different as the final one in Nottingham.

Betel Church in Nottingham is a very special church which is the centre for many who have had seriously troubled and addictive backgrounds.

The hall was packed and I knew that the usual ‘sting’ concert was not going to be appropriate for the large audience facing me.

So after a quick cry out to the Lord for help I decided to drop a few songs and change a few stories and step out of the boat into the unknown…..hoping and praying that God would rescue me!

At the end of 90 minutes I felt exhausted but exhilarated as many of these lovely people came up to me afterwards telling me how much they enjoyed the evening and how God had spoken to them through me.

Feeling Humbled but happy I’m ready to return home tomorrow after performing 4 wonderful gigs and once more I say thank you Alan (bass player) for accompanying me and thank you Lord for giving me the inspiration and energy to allow me to keep doing what I so love doing.

Hoping to take the ‘Glorie Days’ concert tour to most of the same venues in November.

Concert name change.

Even if you know nothing about my years spent working with thousands of 8-11 year old children in the ‘Glorie Company’ I’m sure that all ages will still really enjoy the ‘Glorie Days’ concert as it contains great fun singalong songs and also some mind blowing stories of how we saw God use children in amazing ways.

However, the concert that will follow ‘Glorie Days’ that I originally was going to call ‘Glorie Days Are Here Again’ has nothing to do with ‘Glories’, ‘the Glorie Company’ or even children.

Although I will use this title for this years Spring Harvest concert in Minehead (which of course was the birthplace and home of the ‘Glorie Company’ for years and years) for all other gigs the concert title will be ‘Ishmael’s Scripture Song’ concert…which really does what it says on the tin and hopefully be a little less confusing.

Final Lincolnshire ‘Sting’ tour details

Just to let you know that because this tour includes February 14th I am adding a little ‘Valentines touch’ to each of the 4 concerts.

Of course it will remain guaranteed fun and interestingly thought provoking for both singles and couples.

Here are the details in case you are anywhere near Lincolnshire or Nottinghamshire on the following dates or want to pass it on to friends who are.

Tuesday Feb 13th
Venue. Lighthouse Church. 10 Haverfield Road, Spalding.
Starting time 7.00pm Admission charge at the door £5.00

Wednesday Feb 14th
Venue. The Rodney Hotel. North Street. Horncastle.
Starting time 7.30pm Admission charge at the door £5.00

Thursday Feb 15th
Venue. St Lukes Church. Jasmine Road. Birchwood.
Starting time 7.00pm Admission charge at the door £5.00

Friday Feb 16th
Venue. Betel Community Church. Rawson Street. Nottingham.
Starting time 7.30pm Admission Free as the Church are sponsoring the concert.

Concert songs list

Having gratefully received a list of the favourite Scripture Songs you enjoyed singing I thought it might be an idea to let you know what songs i will be singing at the “Sting in the Tale’ and the ‘Glorie Days’ concerts.

This will give all those coming to either concert or planning to book one, the chance to remind yourselves of the songs beforehand so on the big day you can come along ready to belt out the singing with me!

At the ‘Sting’ concert which includes my edited life story (testimony) and is more suitable for adults, we will be singing Nicodemus, The Grunting song, King of glory, 2 Timothy 2, Laodecean Church, Delight yourself, Down in a noisy small valley and Father God I wonder.

At the Glorie Days concert that is suitable for older children as well, we will be singing It’s amazin what praisin can do, Lord you put a tongue, Down in a noisy small valley, Jehovah Jireh, Put on the sword, We will praise we will praise, Spiders, GLORIE, We are the Glorie Company, We are in God’s army, I will wave my hands, 5000+, Though the grass, Why do you look here, My God shall supply, Jesus said if you have faith, You never put a light, What a long hard day it’s been, Glorie train and Father God I wonder.

Do any of these songs bring back any memories????? Try and come to one of the concerts and join me in singing them one last time!

Still time to book either concert this year and remember, large audiences are not important and it can cost the local Church as little as £50 to host one!