Help needed please

Ok Glorie Gang.

A bit of help needed from those who have listened to my Scripture Song CDs over the past 40 years!

Just working on the new ‘Glorie Days Are Here Again’ concert which will be premiered at Spring Harvest Minehead on Wednesday April 4th then (God willing and if people want me) performed nationally throughout 2019.

But as I said I do need your help.

All the songs for that concert will be my Bible and Scripture songs.

I’ve already selected most of the set but…as some of you know I have written dozens of Scripture songs and would like to know your favourite or favourites out of the following to help me to choose which ones to do.

Here’s 7 possibles.

1) Jesus said let little children come unto me 2) 39 Thirty Nine 3) In the 16th verse of chapter 3 4) Do not store up treasures on earth 5) For if you forgive men when they sin against you 6) Don’t be afraid 7) We believe in Hebrews 13:8

If you have never heard of any of them may I suggest you go to my website shop and buy the two 52 Scripture Songs CDs…Great way to learn Scripture! (Unintentional Plug)!

Many thanks.

Lacock date change

We have changed the date for the Lacock ‘Glorie Days’ concert.
It will not be on Friday February 2nd as originally planned but will now be on Friday February 23rd.
Please adjust your diaries if you were planning to come along and join in the fun!

Just thinking about my travelling future…..

Just thinking about my travelling future…obviously not the too long term future at my age!

This year I am in the process of arranging a few national mini tours performing the ‘Glorie Days’ all age concerts playing my favourite Glorie Company sing a long songs and stories.

2019 planning a few tours with the brand new ‘Glorie days are here again’ all age concerts which will be premiered at Minehead spring harvest this year and will be made up of Just my sing-a-long scripture songs and stories.

2020 the big one celebrating the ‘50 years of travelling ministry’ concerts. All my very favourite songs and untold stories over 50 years of gigging.

And finally (Maybe) 2021 the ‘50 years anniversary of Ishmael and Andy’ a few gigs where I’m going to try and encourage my very long time best buddy to do a few gigs with me again….reviving our 50 year old set!

We will of course need to sleep beforehand and have ovaltine waiting for us afterwards!

Of course this is ‘God willing’ but I feel it’s always good to make plans and have projects to look forward to and as yet, God has not informed me that He seems to have plans for me to urgently join him and to be honest I think He seems pretty pleased that I’m carrying on doing what I’m doing down here for the foreseeable future.

All thanks be to God….yea…let’s rock on!

Still open to visit a some more churches in the next few years.

An amazing year!

What an amazing year it’s been!

Travelling to Bognor Regis, Chafford Hundred, Chiddingfold, Littlehampton, Wadhurst, Eastbourne, Shoreham, Minehead, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Earl Shilton, Blackpool, Ilfracombe, South Harting, Southampton, Haxey, Lincoln, Boston, Sleaford, Horsham, Yapton, Brighton, Evesham, Rogate, Coventry, Birmingham, Nuneaton, St Ives, Comberton, Bradford on Avon, Felpham, Shrewsbury, Oswaldtwistle, Manchester, Bradford and Cudham doing concerts, praise parties and preaching.

Then ministering regularly in the Cathedral, visiting cancer patients and of course the odd game of golf… roughly twice a week!

I never stop praising God for these wonderful opportunities to serve him.

Although I was ready to go and be with Him nearly 10 years ago, I am so grateful that he has allowed me some extra time on earth and without doubt, has given me more energy than ever!

It’s hard to believe that I am now doing more travelling and ministry than I was before the leukaemia was diagnosed! Thanks be to God!

And you know what…next year looks even more exciting!

Of course I would not be telling you the whole truth if I did not mention that there have been difficult times, disappointment and sadness…but they do fade into insignificance compared to all the blessings I have received.

So thank you all for your encouraging words, love, prayers, gifts and support. I so appreciate it, I so appreciate all my friends!

Have a great Christmas…and looking forward to seeing many of you face to face on my travels in 2018.

2018 mini-tours…so far!

Next years monthly mini tours are nearly all sorted for the first half of 2018 which I find really exciting!

I’ve loved doing all the gigs in the past year and yep, I’ve enjoyed the concerts where very few have turned out as much as the ones I have faced a large audience!

As well as visiting some ‘new’ Churches, It’s so encouraging to see how many I shall be returning to!

I make it clear to the organisers that one night stands are fine, but part of the idea behind these tours is to travel round and make friends and build relationships with both organiser and audience.

You see the “Sting’ concert introduces me to those attending (warts and all) whilst the follow up ‘Glorie Day’s’ explains more about some of the exciting things that I have seen and done during my 47 years of travelling ministry.

So…get your diaries out, hopefully see you at one of the following next year!

Friday 19th. Still open for an invite in the Norfolk area, not too far from Aylesham if poss.
Saturday 20th pm. (NEW) Praise Party followed by a ‘Sting in the Tale’ concert in Aylesham.
Sunday 21st am. Children’s Praise Party at Chafford Hundred (Essex).

Tuesday 13th (NEW) Spalding ‘Sting’ concert with my friend Alan playing bass guitar.
Wednesday 14th (NEW) Horncastle ‘Sting’ concert with my friend Alan playing bass guitar.
Thursday 15th (NEW) Hykeham ‘Sting’ concert with my friend Alan playing bass guitar.
Friday 16th (NEW) Nottingham ‘Sting’ concert with my friend Alan playing bass guitar.

Tuesday 13th Returning to Coventry ‘Glorie Days’ concert.
Wednesday 14th Returning to Erdington ‘Glorie Days’ concert.
Thursday 15th. Still open for an invite in the Birmingham / Coventry area.

Wednesday 4th. Returning to Spring Harvest. Minehead. premiering the brand new ‘Glorie Days are here again’ concert.

Wednesday 25th. (NEW) Papworth (Cambridgeshire) ‘Sting’ concert.
Thursday 26th Returning to Comberton for ‘Glorie Day’s concert.
Friday 27th (NEW) Ramsey ‘Sting’ concert.
Saturday 28th am Ramsey Praise Party.

Nothing booked as yet tour wise but I could fit in a short tour at the end of the month anywhere in the country…let me know.

Tuesday 26th Still open for an invite in the Lincolnshire area.
Wednesday 27th Returning to Lincoln for a ‘Glorie Day’s concert with my friend Alan playing bass guitar.
Thursday 28th Returning to Kirton for a ‘Glorie Day’s concert with my friend Alan playing bass guitar.
Friday 29th Returning to Sleaford for a ‘Glorie Day’s concert with my friend Alan playing bass guitar.

Ok, I think that’s enough for now.

It excites me just writing all these wonderful invitations down…who would have guessed that an old man could begin a very different ministry as he creeps up to 70!

Thank you Lord! At least it assures me that it is not time to go out to graze….. just yet!