God surprises!

Although we have all experienced bad and sad surprises, tomorrow in the Cathedral I will preaching on the happy surprises that our Heavenly Father constantly gives to us His children!

One of the things I will be saying is…

God has also surprised me relatively recently by giving me the opportunity to tour the country again with my evangelism concerts.

In fact I can’t remember a time when I’ve been so busy!

Just a few years ago with Leukaemia, I never thought I’d be well enough to do this again.

And may I add a thank you for your continued support and prayers as I travel and continue doing what I so love doing.

And of course….thanks be to God for giving me this wonderful surprise!

Mini tours until the summer

Fantastic and praise God…very exciting few months ahead!

It looks like all the national mini-concert-tours until July are now sorted although there maybe room to squeeze one more visit in at the beginning or at the end of each trip if you wanted to host one and I am anywhere near your area.

13th Coventry (Glorie Days)
14th Erdington (Glorie Days)
15th Finedon (Sting in the Tale)

25th Papworth (Sting in the Tale)
26th Comberton (Glorie Days)
27th Ramsey (Sting in the Tale)
28th Ramsey (Praise Party)

22nd Bristol (Praise Party followed by Sting in the Tale)
23rd Swindon (Sting in the Tale)
24th Rodbourne (Praise Party)

26th North Hykeham (Sting in the Tale)
27th Lincoln (Glorie Days)
28th Kirton (Glorie Days)
29th Sleaford (Glorie Days)

Can’t wait!

Encouraging concert comments

I’ve just been sent these from people who attended a couple my very recent concerts.
So encouraging to hear that God is using them to bring happiness and healing through such simple, honest, relaxed and lots of fun concerts!

From a ‘Glorie Days’ concert.

Thank you ever so much for coming to Lacock. We had a brilliant time! We were still singing, laughing and dancing on the way home and on Saturday!

And from a ‘Sting in the tale’ concert.

Just a quick e mail to say how much your trip to us was valued by everyone I have spoken with. One lady who has had a journey thro lung cancer spoke to me at your concert to say that she felt unworthy and we had a conversation and she is now attending church and happy to do so and talking to others who are struggling with cancer.

Laycock…here I come!

What a glorious day to be travelling up to Laycock to perform a ‘Glorie Days’ concert this evening!

St Cyriac’s Church. Doors open at 7.00 for a 7.30 start.

Admission charge (payable at the door). Adults £5.00. Older children £3.00

Can’t wait!

Home from the Lincolnshire ‘Sting’ tour

Spalding, Horncastle, Birchwood Lincoln and finally Nottingham!

All brilliant concerts and all so different but none as different as the final one in Nottingham.

Betel Church in Nottingham is a very special church which is the centre for many who have had seriously troubled and addictive backgrounds.

The hall was packed and I knew that the usual ‘sting’ concert was not going to be appropriate for the large audience facing me.

So after a quick cry out to the Lord for help I decided to drop a few songs and change a few stories and step out of the boat into the unknown…..hoping and praying that God would rescue me!

At the end of 90 minutes I felt exhausted but exhilarated as many of these lovely people came up to me afterwards telling me how much they enjoyed the evening and how God had spoken to them through me.

Feeling Humbled but happy I’m ready to return home tomorrow after performing 4 wonderful gigs and once more I say thank you Alan (bass player) for accompanying me and thank you Lord for giving me the inspiration and energy to allow me to keep doing what I so love doing.

Hoping to take the ‘Glorie Days’ concert tour to most of the same venues in November.