• Exciting morning!

    For the first time in memory I decided to do all (live) acoustic songs at the South Bersted Parish Church all age service this morning. That meant not using any CD backing tracks or DVDs. I just had to rely on my own limited guitar playing skills and also my fading memory, yep, getting those 3 chords in the right order! My set list contained the following songs. This is the Lord’s day / Lord give me a heart that’s true / The presence of the Lord is in this place / Praise God in this great congregation / Who is King over all the earth / I once was…

  • Off to South Bersted

    Up at the crack of dawn today as I am going to St Mary Magdalene Church in South Bersted near Bognor. Ok, so it’s not far to go but I need to be there at 8.15 to set up my music gear. I will be preaching at the 9am traditional Eucharist service and doing everything at the all age service at 10.30. Always an enjoyable time being with my friend Vicar Tim and his congregation.

  • A very happy new year

    2015 was an exciting year. During it I was able to do more bookings (especially distance ones) than I have been able to do since 2008 when I was first diagnosed with Leukaemia… and can honestly say I have enjoyed every one! Also during 2015 I began touring with the ‘Sting in the Tale’ concert evenings and getting back into playing an acoustic story set in a very relaxed atmosphere. That has been amazing. Already I can see in my diary even more ‘Sting’ and other gigs lined up in different parts of the UK during 2016 and that get’s me really excited. Still plenty of dates free to visit…

  • A very happy Christmas

    May I wish all of you wonderful website friends a very happy Christmas. Enjoy the day and let’s never stop praising God for the birth of the the Lord Jesus our Saviour.

  • Very Exciting newsflash!

    All 4 original members of Ishmael United will be reforming (after 36 years) to play a short set at next years Big Church Day Out (more info later) We are wondering what songs you would most like us to play and you would most like to hear played live again. What I would like you to do is to e mail me just 3 of your favourites either from the list below or any others from the ‘If you can’t shout saved’ or Rev Counta ‘life begins at 30’ album. Here are a few titles to get your memories working. Crowd trouble / Song of the last generation / Bartimaeus…